Royston is an unincorporated community which is part of the greater Comox Valley region, 100 km northwest of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. It is situated next to the Trent River, across the harbour from Comox and lies on the southeast municipal boundary of Courtenay. Royston is home to just over 1200 people.

Royston was the major port for the Comox Valley logging industry throughout the 20th century. Logs were shipped here by rail, boomed in the harbour, then towed across to the B.C. Mainland to be made into lumber.

William Roy and his family settled here in 1890, collaborating with a real estate promoter named Frederick Warren to lay out a townsite that they named Royston. The settlement could have been named as "Roy's Town" but could also have been named after Warren's home town of Royston in Hertfordshire - or both.