tofino bus policies & procedures

How to buy a ticket 

  1. Buy a ticket online and save!
    Tickets can be purchased online up to 3 hours before departure. Types of online tickets:
    • Depot Pickup; just prior to boarding collect your boarding pass from the Bus Depot (name and reservation number required). If boarding at the Vancouver Bus Depot, collect your ticket from the Greyhound ticket booth just prior to departure. 
    • Driver Pickup; give your name and your reservation number to the driver when boarding the bus.
  2. Buy tickets over the phone.
    Call our reservation line at 1.866.986.3466. Visa/Mastercard needed for purchase.
  3. Buy a ticket from a Tofino Bus Island Express Depot.
    Tickets can be purchased in person at our Port Alberni, 4541 Margaret Street or Tofino Depot, 346 D Campbell Street.
  4. Buy tickets at a Greyhound terminal.
    Tofino Bus Island Express accepts Greyhound tickets on our routes. Since Tofino Bus Island Express is an interline carrier with Greyhound, our routes and are linked with the Greyhound Nation wide system. Greyhound operates terminals nation-wide where tickets are sold. Greyhound rules apply when travelling with a Greyhound ticket. Greyhound tickets are not a reservation with Tofino Bus Island Express. Tickets purchased at Greyhound terminals are subject to Greyhound fares and may be more expensive that Tofino Bus fares.
  5. Purchase a ticket for someone else.
    If boarding on Vancouver Island you can purchase a ticket for someone else online at our online booking system, by phoning our reservation line 1.866.986.3466 or at any of our Vancouver Island bus statoins. If boarding at any other location a Greyhound Pre-Paid Ticket Order will have to be purchased. Visit for more info.

Fares - when purchased from Tofino Bus

Adult Fares: 18 years to 64 years.
Senior Fares: 65 + years, if travelling on a route that includes a BC Ferry fare a BC Gold Card is required to receive applicable ferry fare promotion.
Student Fares: 12 – 17 years and adults that are currently enrolled in a college/university program. Student card I.D. or ISIC card with valid expiry date required.
Hostelling International Members: must have a membership card with valid expiry date.
Unaccompanied Minor: 8-14 years is charged student rate. See below for rules.
Child: 2 – 11 years.
Infant: 0 – 23 months.

Changing your reservation

Tofino Bus tickets are departure specific. Free changes can be made prior to reserved departure. Refunds are less 10% and must be refunded prior to reserved departure. Expired tickets that were not changed prior to reserved departure are not valid and cannot be refunded. No refunds in the event of breakdowns or delays.

  • Tickets and reservations are date and time specific.
    Any changes to a reservation must be made prior to the departure of your original reservation. Tickets and reservations expire at time of departure: No changes/No refunds.
  • Tickets purchased online
    Changing your reservation is free however you must change your reserved departure at least (3) hours before your original reservation departs. Contact a reservation agent at 1.866.986.3466 to change your reservation.
  • Tickets purchased by phone
    If you purchased your ticket by phone, you will have to phone the reservation line 1.866.986.3466 to change your reservation. Changes must be made prior to when your original reservation departs.
  • Tickets purchased in person
    If you purchased your ticket in the Tofino or Port Alberni depot you will have to change your ticket in person at the Issuing Depot prior to when your original departure departs.


All Tofino Bus Island Express tickets can be refunded less 10%. All tickets must be refunded prior to the date and time of the reservations. Tickets that have already expired (reserved bus time has already departed) are non-refundable.

To receive a refund for an online ticket or phone reservation ticket you must call our Reservation line at 1.866.986.3466 or visit us in person at our Tofino or Port Alberni depot before your reserved schedule departs. Tickets and reservations cannot be refunded after the reserved departure has departed. Remember, changing your reservation is free and refunds are less 10%

If you have a Greyhound ticket, Greyhound Refund policies apply.

Baggage Policy - apply to Tofino Bus routes only. Vancouver passengers subject to Greyhound baggage policies.

Tofino Bus Island Express requires that you transfer your own luggage at bus change points.

Baggage liability

Tofino Bus Services Inc. accepts no responsibility for lost/damaged or stolen baggage. If insurance is required for any baggage then in must be shipped as Greyhound Freight and applicable fee's apply.

Baggage restrictions

(2) pieces of baggage and (1) carry-on are checked free of charge for adults. Baggage restrictions for Vancouver passengers are: one (1) piece of baggage will be free for each adult and child. One (1) additional piece of baggage can be accepted for a charge of $10.00 for adults only. One (1) small bag, up to 25 pounds, plus one personal item (purse, handbag, etc) can be taken aboard for each adult or child. Vancouver passengers are subject to Greyhound baggage policies (1) checked bag and (1) carry on. Extra fees will be charged - Vancouver passenger visit for baggage policies.

Excess baggage:

If you are travelling with more than (2) pieces of luggage and (1) carry-on bag then excess baggage fee's apply: $10 per extra bag. Excess baggage is over (2) pieces and (1) carry-on bag, to a maximum of 3 additional pieces, for a total of 6 checked pieces (per passenger). Charges will be applied for each excess bag as follows: $10 per bag. Price includes GST. Please ask agent for details. Vancouver passengers with Excess baggage must ship the excess baggage as Greyhound freight.


Surfboards are welcome free of charge. Surfboards must be less than 8ft. in length and must be packaged properly. Tofino Bus Services Inc. is not liable for any damage that may occur while shipping or transporting your surfboard. Surfboards are fragile and must be in a proper surfboard bag. Vancouver passengers who are connecting onto Greyhound will be charged an extra fee for a surfboard - maximum size 7ft.


Bicycles must be reserved 1.866.986.3466. Bikes $15. Tofino Bus can take (2) unpackaged bike per schedule with a reservation. All unpackaged bikes must be reserved. If there is already a bike reserved on the date of travel and you cannot reschedule for another departure, the only option is to box the bike. Boxed bikes can travel unreserved. Bike boxes are usually available in the Port Alberni and Tofino depot's – please call ahead to make sure. Vancouver passengers must have bikes boxed and shipped as Greyhound freight.

Acceptable Types of Baggage

In general, acceptable baggage includes suitcases, duffel bags, toolboxes, trunks, backpacks and securely tied cardboard boxes. A plastic and/or a paper bag are not acceptable as checked baggage.

Prohibited Items for Checked Baggage

Acids, ammunition, animals, batteries containing liquid acids, bicycles (unless reserved or in a box), combustible liquids, compressed gases, electronic equipment, explosives, film, firearms of all types, fireworks, flammable liquids, fruit, furniture, hazardous materials (poisons, radioactive materials, etc.), materials with a disagreeable odor, matches, merchandise for resale, perishable items, poisons, protruding articles, radioactive materials, or any unsecured articles including those in plastic or paper bags are prohibited. Items such as money and prescription medication may not be checked as baggage and are to be carried in the customer's possession. Laptop computers are considered "electronic items" prohibited for checked baggage. However, laptops may be brought aboard as your carryon luggage (one carry-on allowed per passenger ticket).) The "no charge" allowance for baggage is restricted to baggage weighing fifty (50) pounds or less. The customer, through Greyhound Courier Express, will ship baggage over 75 pounds per bag. Baggage between 50 and 75 pounds are subject to the charges. Charges will be applied for each overweight bag as follows: $10 per overweight bag.


Cargo areas are not heated or ventilated for pet transport. Pets are not allowed in the passenger area with respect for passengers with allergies and general comfort. The only exception: certified guide dogs.

Passenger rules while on board

For everyone's safety and comfort, Tofino Bus asks that customers please follow certain restrictions while on board. With respect for neighbouring passengers, no food or drink except water allowed on board. Federal law does not permit smoking on any public bus. We have a zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs, weapons and unruly behavior.

Drivers and Depot Staff reserve the right to refuse service and boarding.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Mobility Services

Tofino Bus the Island Bus Co. has 2 wheelchair buses. Please contact our call centre 1.866.986.3466 to reserve. 

Unaccompanied Children

Unaccompanied Children must have their tickets purchased by the Parent/Guardian or Custodian in person at the departing bus depot.

Children under the age of eight must be accompanied by someone age 15 years or older. An unaccompanied child is a passenger between the ages of 8 and 14 years old (inclusive, NO EXCEPTIONS) and may travel unaccompanied if the following conditions are met in their entirety: Unaccompanied minors must have an Unaccompanied Child Form completed for them. An Unaccompanied Child Form must be filled in for each direction of travel (round trip would require two completed forms). The child must be met at the destination station by the person specified on the Unaccompanied Child Form. If two or more children between the ages of eight and 14 are travelling together (without a passenger 15 years of age or older) each child must have a completed Unaccompanied Child Form. Whenever possible, travel should be during daylight hours. Under no circumstances should any child be bumped on any trip. This also includes bumping the child onto an overload.

The destination terminal/agency must be open upon arrival. The schedule trip should not exceed six (6) hours in duration. The unaccompanied child and the parent/guardian should be at the terminal at least 40 minutes before departure. A fee of $5.00 plus tax will be assessed for each child traveling unaccompanied. All unaccompanied children travel as individuals and will be charged the student fare. Please note that this also applies when two or more unaccompanied children travel together.

Greyhound Unaccompanied Minor rules apply when boarding/arriving at a Greyhound location.

No discount fares apply to Unaccompanied Minor.

Review Before You Purchase

Please read and ensure that the child and the parent/guardian understand all guidelines to ensure a safe and pleasant journey. Parents are asked to read and review the following guidelines with the child.

The child understands that:

  • You are to remain seated at all times (except for use of the washroom) when the bus is moving.
  • You are not to leave the bus without the driver's permission.
  • You are to tell the driver immediately if anyone or anything is bothering you or if you need some help.
  • You are to follow all of the driver's instructions when stopping for schedules, breaks or when the driver must help to load or unload other passengers, baggage and freight.
  • Once you have arrived, do not get off the bus until all the other passengers have left. Then, wait for the driver to escort you into the terminal.

The parent understands that:

  • You are to confirm that you have arranged for the child to be met on arrival by the person(s) named on the Unaccompanied Child Form.
  • Should the child not be met at the destination, as stated, any Greyhound Canada employee or agent is authorized to take whatever action they consider necessary to arrange for the child's custody and the parent agrees to reimburse Greyhound Canada for any necessary and reasonable costs incurred by them in taking such action.
  • You are to certify that the child mentioned on the Unaccompanied Child Form is of sound health, does not require any medication or have any medical or physical condition which could create an emergency situation or require special attention.
  • You are to certify that your child understands and will follow his/her responsibilities outlined above.
  • You request the unaccompanied carriage of the child.
  • You certify that the unaccompanied child is between the ages of eight and 14 (inclusive) and can produce identification to verify the child's age if requested by Greyhound Canada or Tofino Bus Services Inc.

Unaccompanied child is not allowed to transfer buses. The trip must begin and terminate on the same schedule. NO EXCEPTIONS. Unaccompanied minors must have an Unaccompanied Child Form completed for them. An Unaccompanied Child Form must be filled in for each direction of travel (round trip would require two completed forms). The child must be met at the destination station by the person specified on the Unaccompanied Child Form. If two or more children between the ages of eight and 14 are travelling together (without a passenger 15 years of age or older) each child must have a completed Unaccompanied Child Form. Whenever possible, travel should be during daylight hours. 

Greyhound Canada and Tofino Bus Services Inc.

Tofino Bus Services Inc. operating as Tofino Bus Island Express is a locally owned Tofino based company. Tofino Bus Island Express is an interline carrier with Greyhound for both tickets and freight. Passengers travelling on an interline route; a portion of the journey on Tofino Bus and a portion of the journey of Greyhound will be ticketed on a Greyhound ticket. Therefore Greyhound fares and policies apply. Passenger travelling solely on a Tofino Bus Island Express route will be subject Tofino Bus Services Inc. rules and policies.

It is important to note that Tofino Bus Island Express and Greyhound have different rules and policies.

Baggage policies; Tofino Bus allows 2 checked bags compared to Greyhound; 1 checked bag per ticket. Surfboards are allowed on Tofino Bus Island Express and aren’t allowed on Greyhound unless shipped as freight. Tofino Bus allows unpackaged bikes; 1 per bus $15. Packaged bikes are $15 on Tofino Bus and are shipped as freight on Greyhound. As noted above; Tofino Bus Island express rules and policies apply when travelling solely on a Tofino Bus route (travelling with a Tofino Bus ticket) and Greyhound rules and policies apply when travelling on an interline route; Tofino Bus and Greyhound (travelling with a Greyhound ticket).